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Want to Increase Your Child's Vocabulary and make them feel more secure at the Same time?

posted Jan 30, 2016, 1:37 PM by Julie Francis

Do you want to increase your child's vocabulary and make them feel more secure at the same time? Here how. Read to them. Research has shown that simply reading to a child ten-fifteen minutes a day will add to their vocabulary for the simple reason that children hear new words in contexts as they are read t them.As you read a read a new word you would like your child to learn, stop and ask, "what do you think this word means?" (This question teaches them to rely upon context.) Praise them for correct answers and gently correct wrong ones. Keep a diary of new words your child learns so that your child can take pride in their growing vocabulary. Your child will have the pride of added knowledge and you will share in the joy of their accomplishment. That is a life-long gift.