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Homework Notebooks Work

posted Jan 30, 2016, 1:36 PM by Julie Francis
"Honey do you have any homework?"
" I don't know. I can't find it."
Does this sound like a conversation you might have with your son son or daughter?    Here, at the onset of another school year,let's see can do about that. In First grade, children begin to be assigned homework. Small children, once they begin, to learn to write should begin keeping  homework notebooks.  Here's how it works, At the start of each day, use a clean sheet of paper. Write the date the top of the sheet. Then, younger children should be helped to either copy their homework from the whiteboard or helped to write it down. (For younger children this accomplishes two deveopmental goals: copying accuratly  and  organization. As a younger child accomplishes a completed assignment, they are given a reward that matches the way they learn,(stickers, praise etc.) Older students  willuse their notebooks or dayplanners to keep track of assignments. As assignments are accomplished students learn to be self-driven. A self-driven child becomes an adult that emplyers  will seek.  This all begins by giving your child  some ownership of their accademic success in their homework notebook or dayplanner. Give it a try!